147 Properties

  • Marina de Albufeira | 5-Star tourist resort called "Cerro Grande" located in Albufeira Marina

    Under construction

    € 17.500.000
    The "Cerro Grande" is a luxury resort-type tourist resort with a fantastic view of the sea located near albufeira marina and the harbor of shelter. Inserted in the area of Cerro da Piedade in the west of the tourism capital "Albufeira", near the cemetery of Nossa Senhora da Orada, this "Resort so to speak" consists of 3 properties that extend ove ...
    • 64917m2
    • 28714m2
    • Yes
    • Ref. JFBCP-103750
  • Zona Industrial Vila Amélia | Urban building located in the Vila Amélia Industrial Zone, with 153,390 m² of land on the edge of the A2


    € 11.000.000
    Urban building located in the Vila Amélia Industrial Zone, with 153,390 m² of land, where 3 buildings are established that are susceptible to independent use: main building, 1993, building for restoration, and building of 2010, The main building, with 24,000 m², intended for logistics storage, has 2,806 m² of offices. The restaurant buildi ...
    • 153390m2
    • 42812m2
    • Ref. JFCGD-09000611
  • Santa Margarida | Urban land with 21.8 hectares in TAVIRA


    € 8.600.000
    Land in Tavira with 21.8 hectares, in the connection between the A22 and the city center of Tavira, in a place with excellent development potential. The land is located in the vicinity of the city of Tavira, in the Western Algarve, 37 km from Faro (39 km from the airport), 300 km from Lisbon and 172 km from Seville. The Pêro Gil Detail Plan, wh ...
    • 218837m2
    • 218837m2
    • Ref. JFCGD-02025078
  • Estrada N10 | Industrial unit in Alverca do Ribatejo


    € 5.900.000
    Industrial unit composed of several buildings, located in Sobralinho (Alverca do Ribatejo), with Private Gross Area (total) of 36,696 m², inserted in a plot of land with 58,312 m². Property located in the industrial area of Alverca north, next to the northern railway line. Reasonable access connected to EN1, and 3 km from the A1/CREL node of Alve ...
    • 58312m2
    • 36696m2
    • Ref. JFCGD-02027002
  • Pinhal Redondo | Land with 6 hectares in Montijo

    € 3.330.000
    Mixed land in Montijo, with a total area of 59,880 m² (one article with 37,800 m² and another with 22,080 m²), in Estrada Real, in an agricultural area with small clusters of housing, located between the Montijo/Samouco road, the N119 Montijo/Alcochete road and the A2 motorway. It has a front of about 110 m to the Royal Road, about 650 m from the ...
    • 59880m2
    • 59880m2
    • Ref. JFCGD-02018212
  • Vale de Lama | Luxury VILLA V6 near Lagos


    € 2.000.000
    Discover this magnificent luxury villa with 480 m2 of area. VILLA V6 of new construction in the finishing phase inserted in a land with 4,500 m2 of area. Includes 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, home automation system, gym, jacuzzi, large swimming pool and an excellent garage ideal for car collectors. This luxury VILLA is loc ...
    • 4500m2
    • 480m2
    • 6
    • 7
    • Yes
    • Ref. JF-089
Services and Partners

Services and Partners

In view of the growing increase in our real estate transactions in recent years and the fact that most of our clients are French-speaking and do not reside in the ALGARVE, VILLAMARKET felt obliged to offer a range of services to our clients in addition to real estate mediation through our business partners : - For the services of solicitors and legal activities you can count on Dr. Diana Patrícia Oliveira Marques in our permanent in our albufeira marina store. - In order to value and maintain the assets of its clients, VILLAMARKET has the service of mediation of works through our decorator Andreia Coelho and in partnership with the company BRANQUIMENSO that will help our customers find the best contractors at the best price. In addition to the services of refurbishment and construction, BRANQUIMENSO also does cleaning service and has a laundry room open to the public in the area of Oura and Avenida dos Descobrimentos in ALBUFEIRA. - For the services of architecture and engineering you can count on our partner the Architect Sofia Nobre Costa being a great asset for the realization of the projects of our customers besides her speaking French. - For photo services reports and videos we count on our partner Raquel Moura as a professional photographer specialized in real estate and with excellent equipment such as drones and cameras with great qualities. Because real estate mediation is a trust-based people's business, VILLAMARKET relies on all its partners to continue our work providing the same service of excellence to our clients. Our partners are in our eyes and our after-sales service: - VILLAMARKET is a partner of the entities
The Loulé Market

The Loulé Market

The Municipal Market of Loulé was inaugurated on June 27, 1908, when the City Council was chaired by José da Costa Mealha. The building was built according to the project of architect Alfredo Costa Campos, from Lisbon, although the same project has known some changes since the initial document of 1903 which in turn was already based on another project of 1898 whose author is unknown. The idea of building a market for fish, fruits and vegetables was already old and consensual, however, its location and the number of markets to be built did not meet the consensus of the Louletanos. The rivalry was felt mainly between the Parish of São Sebastião and the Parish of São Clemente. According to the newspapers of the time there were several proposals regarding the location of the Market. In 1891, the City Council commissioned the Faro Public Works Builder to project a project for the fish sales market. This market would be built next to Largo de Chafariz (now Largo D. Afonso III) and consisted of a rectangular plant with 33 meters long and 19.5 meters wide, had 60 stalls with one square meter each and nine compartments for storage. This project has not been implemented but reflects the House's concern about the sale of the fish because it is the same one that drew the most criticism from the Louletanos. After a long discussion, the Chamber then decided, at the end of the 19th century, to build the Market next to the building of the Town Hall and then began the expropriations and respective demolitions at the beginning of the 20th century. In architectural terms, the market has adopted the Arab-inspired Revival style with four pavilions and four access gates. However, the House did not have large financial resources at the time and the money available was insufficient for the implementation of the entire project. In this sense, the architect was asked to make some changes to the project, which were submitted in 1905 and which basically targeted the