About us

About us

"VILLAMARKET" is a French-speaking real estate company located in the famous MARINA of the inescapable albufeirabathing station in the ALGARVE!
We operate in the Algarve real estate market in order to provide a unique experience providing a service of excellence for all our clients.
With VILLAMARKET "You will find your dream VILLA at market price",this being more than one goal is our "SLOGAN", our "DNA",our focus and the reason why we are present in the market!

- Jerome Ferreira explains to us why this slogan? And where does the name VILLAMARKET come from?

"Our slogan defines for itself the name of our company and refers to the market focus that our company is dedicated to!

The word VILLA (in Portuguese: village) was originally an upper-class country residence or a manor, although since its origins in Roman times, the idea and function of a villa has evolved considerably. After the end of the Roman republic, a villa became a small walled farm, gradually re-establishing throughout the Middle Ages, its original characteristic of rural housing of aristocrats. In modern jargon, the term may refer to a specific type of isolated suburban residence. (source taken from Wikipedia).

Because in real estate marketing is paramount, I decided to create my own brand through a single word easy to decorate and that was easily translated into all languages taking into account that we work more and more with foreigners and especially with Francophone customers.

MARKET is the diminutive of the word Marketing or marketing as being the art of exploring, creating and delivering value to meet the needs of the market using products or services that may interest consumers. To do this it is necessary to create a defined strategy that will be used in sales, communications and business development (source taken from Wikipedia).

MARKET is the English market term that was used to designate the site where buyers and sellers met to exchange their goods. (source taken from Wikipedia).

Inspired by the bright red of the cosmopolitan and very famous Loulé Market and with the support of the above definitions, I realized that VILLAMARKET will be the place where the seller will put on the market his VILLA for sale and that through the various means of marketing the buyer will find in order to acquire this dream at the fair price of the market!"

Visit us, we guarantee that VILLAMARKET "You will find your dream VILLA at market price"!