Victim of its success and due to the rapid growth in volume of transactions, villamarket felt the need to quickly create the team that is composed of the following elements:

- In the direction, management and management of VILLAMARKET Jerome Ferreira is the broker of our real estate company that perfectly fulfills this role taking into account his vast experience already proven with more than 10 years in the area of real estate mediation and in the management of investment projects. You want to sell your house? Are you looking for a project for investment or for a living? Jerome will find "his dream VILLA at MARKET price"

- In the commercial team and representing the municipality of ALBUFEIRA we hired the specialist in French-speaking clients Sandrine Wilhelm who has extensive experience in real estate in addition to being a managing partner of the conciergerie company CALYFERIAS. You can count on the support of Sandrine who "you will find your dream VILLA at MARKET price". If you are looking to purchase a property that is for income or not? If you want to monetize your property or are you looking for a property for your holiday?  Do not hesitate to consult Sandrine through the following links : or through the

- Continuing with the commercial team we hired Tetyana Kononenko to work with national, English and Russian clients (taking into account that he has these 3 languages) in the loulé area, more specifically in the parish of Quarteira where he lives and where he already has a deep knowledge of this very specific market.

- We finished the presentation of the commercial team with the recent hiring of a responsible for the northern area of the country (Porto and surroundings) where we will soon open our second store.

- For the legal department we hired Dr. Diana Patrícia Oliveira Marques licensed in solicitor and is undoubtedly a great asset for VILLAMARKET,because in addition to his daily stay in our store of ALBUFEIRA dra. Diana supports VILLAMARKET in all legal parts and obviously accompanies our clients for: the preparation and signing of CPCV, legal follow-up,recognition of signatures, official translations, obtaining Local Accommodation,creation of companies and changes in statutes, various power of attorney, obtaining the status of Non-Habitual Resident, legalization of automobiles, obtaining NIF and much more... for more information do not hesitate to contact us or via the following email

- For the social responsibility department we hired Dr. Daniela Sousa who is responsible for the quality management of VILLAMARKET,marketing, communication, event management and representation with actions and social entities in addition to administrative support.

Want to make your profession a paid hobbie?
It's good, because we're looking for another real estate consultant to join our young and dynamic team so contact us!