Services and Partners

Services and Partners

Given the increasing increase in our real estate transactions in recent years and the fact that most of our clients are French-speaking and do not reside in the ALGARVE, VILLAMARKET felt obliged to offer a range of services to our clients in addition to real estate mediation through our business partners:

- For the solicitor services and legal activities can count on Dr. Diana Patrícia Oliveira Marques permanently in our store of Albufeira Marina.

- For concierge services, vacation rentals, for the management and monetization of properties you can count on the company CALYFERIAS

- In order to value and maintain the assets of its clients, VILLAMARKET has the service of mediation works through our partner the company BRANQUIMENSO that will help our customers to find the best contractors at the best price. In addition to the remodeling and construction services BRANQUIMENSO also does cleaning service and has a laundry open to the public on Avenida dos Descobrimentos in ALBUFEIRA.

- For the services of architecture and engineering you can count on our partner The Architect Sofia Nobre Costa being a great asset for the realization of our clients' projects besides her speaking French.

- For the photo services reports and videos we count on our partner Raquel Moura as being a professional photographer specialized in real estate and with excellent equipment such as drones and cameras with great qualities.

Because real estate mediation is a business of people based on trust, VILLAMARKET relies on all its partners to continue our work providing the same service of excellence to our customers. Our partners are in our eyes and our after-sales service:

- VILLAMARKET is a partner of the following banking and financial entities: CAIXA GERAL DE DEPOSITOS, MILLENNIUM BCP, UCI and CREDITO AGRICOLA. Soon we have for the commercialization all the properties of these entities from North to South country...
So if you want to make the best deal using the best financing conditions, please contact us!

- VILLAMARKET is a real estate measurement company that carries out its activity with the license AMI no. 14870 granted by IMPIC (Institute of the Market Portuguese of Real Estate and Construction).

- We adhere to CIMAAL as an Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center for Consumer Conflicts of the Algarve that you can consult through the

- We are the 583rd Associate of ASMIP (Association of Real Estate Agents of Portugal).

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